Craft is a full service communications agency which brings together our skills in advertising, design, promotion and digital marketing. We gave the company its name because we believe marketing is a craft and not a science. We take pride in what we do and as a result our work is carefully thought out and equally carefully executed. We are very mindful of our clients’ budgets and tailor our recommendations to their goals. We have, in our long experience, seen many clients spend more than they need to, we prefer instead to start out with more modest budgets and grow them over time. Our philosophy is to find a successful formula and keep on refining it, and that is how we like to see budgets grow. As a result we are not rich. But we do keep our clients for a very long time.

Craft’s two principals are Sue Pepper and Peter Grace. Sue is a very hands on designer who likes to take control of a project from start to finish. You can see from the precise quality of her artwork that doing a job properly is Sue’s priority. Sue has designed everything you see in our portfolio. Her strengths are in corporate identity, website and magazine design. Sue works long hours and our clients appreciate her commitment to turnaround.

Peter is a writer/strategist. Before Craft he ran his own advertising agency for ten years. Peter’s skills are in advertising and promotion. He has won international awards for his work.

Craft is particularly good at two things. Brand development, where a client comes to us with an idea for a business but needs a name, a look, and a target market. And results oriented advertising. Of course all advertising is results oriented, but some is more than others. Our long experience in retirement village apartment selling is evidence of this. So is our promotional work for Fujifilm’s digital cameras. If you’re looking for a thoughtful marketing agency that takes their responsibility for your marketing spend seriously, please contact us. We would love to meet you and demonstrate how we can build your business with you.