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Few companies rely on direct advertising as much as Britannia. One of the very first financial advisory firms to recognise the value of specialising, Britannia made themselves the experts in pension transferral from the UK to New Zealand. This is done with a combination of press, internet and television advertising, and leads most English immigrants to their website or call centre. Craft was asked by Britannia to review their old website, and found it to be essentially brochureware with few enticements for potential clients to stay more than a few seconds. We said this, very nicely, and were asked to look at alternatives. Pension transfers can be of considerable sums of money, and therefore of singularly high interest to the pension holder. Craft recommended a ‘newspaper’ format that allowed Britannia to

profile news and articles of interest to the UK immigrant. We argued that when you are as knowledgeable as Britannia is about the pension transfer process, which can be a minefield for the uninitiated, you should be sharing your knowledge with your customers. It is also a good place to show potential clients just how holistic your service is; Britannia are also gifted in the insurance and investment disciplines. Too few website owners really develop a strong presence in their digital marketing efforts, and this reflects in the low traffic and short time spend visiting their site. Britannia’s new website will overcome this and provide pension customers with a persuasive reason for choosing the experts over the mere amateurs.