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In a difficult market where it is often next to impossible to create brand differentiation, Fujifilm has succeeded with a series of innovative promotions for their digital camera range. Created by Craft, they continued, year after year, to make Fujifilm the number one selling camera during the all-important Christmas season. Recognising the camera’s value as a gift purchase, but also keeping in mind its relatively high cost, the promotions gave the customer a second high value item that allowed them to tick off two presents at the same time. While the cost to Fujifilm for each additional gift, which included DVD players, watches and phones, was higher than usual, it meant there was no need to discount the camera and customers were happy to pay full price. This helped establish the camera range as both high quality and great value. It also meant customers were able to specify a

more highly specified camera, trading off on the fact they also received a DVD player or other substantial gift. This campaign was so successful it became a regular event in the Fujifilm promotional calendar, even boosting a normally quiet winter with a specially themed ‘Cold Snap’ version. Craft worked with Fujifilm from the very beginning, brainstorming the promotions mechanism and helping select and source gifts. One of the hallmarks of the promotion’s success was how happily retailers installed all of the point of sale items. The campaign that promoted each promotion included press and television, but relatively low spends compared to our competitors – proving that a good idea is more efficient than a large advertising budget.