We have a long history in magazine design and marketing, and the OHbaby! relationship dates back to the very first issue of the magazine almost five years ago. Sue designed the pilot issue and magazine 1-3. Since then OHbaby! has gone from strength to strength and is now a thriving online community and information-packed website, as well as a traditional (and award-winning!) glossy magazine. The genius of OHbaby! is that new readers are entering the market all of the time, and when they do join the OHbaby! community they are usually pre-parents, wanting to know everything about pregnancy, and four or five years later they have grown-up

babies or are starting the cycle all over again. This makes the presentation of information integral to the brand’s success; an antenatal mother is focussed on what is to come, and a mother with a two year old does not need to be bombarded with pregnancy articles. At the same time, parents with children of all ages want to feel part of the OHbaby! family, share their stories, their photos and their advice. OHbaby! is a textbook relationship marketing exercise, and we’re glad to have been part of helping it grow.