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Relationship building, on a one-to-one level, is an essential part of developing the brand personality. Brands that stick to mainstream media never forge a real bond with the consumer, which is why so many big brands take to Facebook to try to get some sort of conversation happening. Yet nothing can have quite the effect of receiving something fun and personal in the mail. Three examples from our portfolio come from our long relationship with Omnigraphics, a large format and billboard printing company, and Britannia, a financial advisory firm that specialises in the transfer of pension funds from the UK to New Zealand. The Britannia mailer is aimed at the very many UK immigrants who come to work in our hospitals. We partnered with district health boards to make sure that when recruiting UK medics and nurses, they knew they would be coming to New Zealand with all of their

financial concerns met. For Omnigraphics Australia, the target market was advertising agencies. Every Christmas, production managers in ad agencies face a ton of work just when their social calendars hot up. For our first Christmas card we sent Omnigraphic’s clients an advent calendar. Every door opened to a new social engagement ‘Lunch with the Creative Dept.’, ‘Drinks with your favourite printing rep’, ‘Office Christmas Party’ and offered Omnigraphics’ services to take the work off their hands so they wouldn’t miss the function. A second Christmas Card encourages agency production managers to enjoy Christmas, knowing Omnigraphics is working through their lunch hour to deliver work on time and seamlessly. The clock hands can be moved to any time the production manager deems to return to work.