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Strategi is New Zealand’s largest consultancy to financial advisers, a two-tiered brand strategy that splits their role into an educational provider and a high end supplier of compliance services and business mentoring. We have worked with them for 20 years, having given the company its name and been a marketing partner throughout. As a result, we created all textbook material, stationery design, website design and emarketing. A ground-up project. Since its launch five years ago, the Strategi Institute has become the leading provider of career development education to the financial services industry, having been so successful its more established competitor offered to merge its services with Strategi, which it did in

2012. Increasingly the website has become the ‘go-to’ site for information-hungry advisers. With the growth in traffic came a need for a website that could carry more information on a wider range of courses. We designed and developed a new site and CMS that works smarter and recommends relevant subjects to help the student make wiser choices. Strategi is a very sophisticated marketer, and combines web, emarketing and seminars to successfully build their business. With Craft’s help, they are now growing the range of clients into other service industries that rely on the advice they give their customers to be robust, relevant and rigorously structured.