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Selwyn Foundation’s apartment advertising is critical to their mission as a not-for-profit charity that provides services to senior citizens from the Waikato to the Far North. Retirement village apartments are also an increasingly competitive market. Craft built on our strength in this sector (in another life, we had previously worked for Metlifecare) to create this very successful campaign showcasing new residents in their apartments. Unlike other advertising in this category, the ‘Selwyn People’ campaign specifically addressed the reasons our residents had chosen a Selwyn village, the barriers that had prevented them from doing so in the past, and the

new sense of freedom and independence they had discovered since making the move. The Selwyn Foundation also recognised that it needed to embue its advertising with its own values as an organisation. Selwyn sees its role as helping older people live their lives to the full, and to champion those people who don’t slow down, but speed up. The campaign theme “You get out of life what you put into it” mirrored the Christian message that is such an important driver in the Selwyn mission. This campaign was recently held up at the industry association’s conference as being the best retirement village advertising in New Zealand.