Strategi (19 years)
“I have worked with Peter Grace for almost 20 years. He has helped me create a number of very successful brands. I have referred him to a number of my key commercial clients and friends and he has also developed a range of brands for them – all of which have been successful. I have found Peter to be exceptional in what he does and that is why we have used him for so long. I am amazed at how he can spend a few hours with a client, listen to what they say, ask a few incredibly insightful questions then go away and work with his extremely talented team and produce a concept that quickly develops into a brand with all the necessary supporting collateral. Each brand is unique and encompasses the personality and goals of the client. Peter has the ability to guide a client, be it myself or those I refer him – on a journey to enable us to better enunciate what it is we want and develop a bottom up marketing strategy, which, if implemented with passion and energy, will be a winner. He takes a personal interest and pride in what he does. It is so much easier dealing with a competent operator like Peter who keeps things simple and can provide all the answers when talking with him. It is much less stressful than dealing with some high powered team from one of the big agencies. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team to anyone who wants a solution that is crafted with care and passion to meet the needs of the client.” ~ David Greenslade, Managing Director

Chris Ralph (18 years)
“Since 1995 I have had an association with Peter Grace and Craft Advertising. Initially my business, Omnigraphics New Zealand, was the sole supplier of very large format graphics in New Zealand. Prior to founding the business of production of graphics came from Australia. I approached Peter to help me build my brand in New Zealand, with advertising agencies as my largest clients, and also to help with strategy in combating my Australian competitors. The business quadrupled in turnover and profit until I sold it in 2002. The business is still in operation and now has eight competitors. At that point we founded the same business in Melbourne, Australia. We took the same brand, used the same business model, and took on four very large Australian competitors. We focussed on Omnigraphics Australia Pty Limited being fully ‘Australian’ itself, and over the years ran many promotions; opened an office in Sydney and grew the staff fifty four. Turnover at the time of sale in December 2012 was AUD12.5 million. Currently I have purchased a new business, Beetek, and again Peter and Sue have been instrumental in rebranding and setting up strategies to grow. I have no hesitation in recommending Craft as superb brand and business partners.” ~ Chris Ralph

Fujifilm New Zealand (8 years)
“I have worked with Peter and Sue from Craft for five years now, and a further two with Peter at his previous agency. As well as our mainstream advertising, we have asked Craft to undertake consumer research on our behalf, and to create and develop brands for both our own cameras and instore brands for our all-important retail partners.” ~ Peter Bonisch, Sales & Marketing Manager

New Zealand Defence Force
“In 2011 and in my previous role, I worked with Craft to design a brand for the New Zealand Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron (or Bomb Squad). The brief required Craft to weave together a compelling and uniquely New Zealand brand that incorporated both Māori and European tradition. It required something that would be intuitively accepted by professionals from the Army, Navy, Air Force and the non-uniformed members of the team. It also needed to be recognisable with our international partners and the public. In addition, they had to help us develop a motto that, in three or four words, got to the essence of what the team did. They then had to help us weave a story around the logo which really brought the brand’s meaning and mana to life. A big part of the challenge was that Craft’s brand had to really resonate with the practitioners if it was to supersede the pre-existing brands within the different service cultures. If didn’t resonate then the other brands would continue to proliferate. In essence, we were not producing a logo, we were building a team – the brand was a lightening rod to doing so. In short, I was really impressed with how Craft took the different stands of history, culture and purpose and managed to unite them into a simple yet compelling brand that subtly and effectively tells the story of New Zealand and New Zealander’s going into harm’s way to protect others. The enduring impression I took from the exercise is that Craft have uncommon insight.” ~ Ex Commanding Officer, NZSAS

OHbaby! (10 years)
“Sue is a gifted graphic designer. Her attention to detail and strong design, image and typography skills mean that the most boring things we have her work on look a million bucks! Sue is strong in creating consistent brand identity throughout the range of communications a business has and in line with the medium for which they operate. Sue’s ability to work within and to a brief is strong. Sue was also solely responsible for the original look at feel of Ohbaby! Magazine when we launched in 2008 and we have consistently won magazine of the year since, part owing to such beautiful design of our title from the beginning. Sue has worked with and for me for the past 10 years and I will continue to use Sue’s services as she is truly a stand out designer.” ~ Angela Pedersen, Managing Director